Design by Massimo Osti: Superga Sportswear

Design by Massimo Osti: Superga Sportswear

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In 1994 Massimo Osti founded a new company called Production, having just parted ways with Sportswear Company. The last C.P. Company and Stone Island collections designed by Osti will release in autumn of that year and spring of the following year. With Production, the Godfather of Sportswear designs garments for his own brands Left Hand, Massimo Osti Production and ST95. But in this new era he also start designing for other companies. A collection of leather garments for Valdemarca in 1994, costumes for the Italian movie ‘Nirvana’ in 1995. And in 1996 he’s asked to design a series of garments for one of Italy’s most iconic footwear brands: Superga.

History of Superga

Superga was founded in 1911 in Torino, Italy as an industrial manufacturer of rubber products. In the 1920’s Superga starts producing footwear and enters the consumer market. By the end of the following decade the company produced athletic shoes for sports like tennis, basketball, gymnastics and yachting. After WWII the company experiences huge growth, especially in the 1960s and 1970s. Later, in the 1980’s the brand would also start supplying training shoes for the Italian army and navy. The 1990’s would be a very difficult decade for Superga, mostly due to the popularity of other international shoe brands.

Superga Sportswear

It’s during that time, in 1996, that Superga reached out to Massimo Osti. The brand launches a clothing line called Superga Sportswear and Massimo Osti designs a series of garments for the Autumn-Winter collection of 1997/1998 and for the Spring-Summer collection of 1998. The garments designed by Osti carry a modified version of the Superga Sportswear neck label with his name on it.

superga sportswear labels inside massimo osti
The creative direction provided by Massimo Osti is also clearly visible in the garments carrying the regular Superga Sportswear label. Resinated fabrics, rubber patches, oversized collars and branded arm badges. These are just a few characteristics that are reminiscent of garments that Osti designed for Stone Island in the years before.
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