In our Fabric Focus series, we zoom in on the unique fabrics that C.P. Company and Stone Island have brought to the world.  

In this first post: Mussola Gommata.  

Introduced in 2004 during Paul Harvey's tenure at Stone Island, this hybrid material (Mussola Gommata is Italian for rubberized muslin) is another great example of the innovative research by the Italian company. 


The exclusive Mussola Gommata fabric is the result of the fusion of two materials: muslin and polyurethane. 

As many of the fabrics used by Stone Island muslin is a delicate, finely-woven lightweight cotton that's known for its breathability and softness. 

Polyurethane is a highly versatile plastic material: it's lightweight, durable and wind and water resistant. Next to these characteristics one of the benefits of polyurethane is that it can be both rigid and flexible. It's therefore often used as an alternative to leather. 

Stone Island Mussola Gommata fabricTreatment

Mussola Gommata is produced by laminating an extremely light muslin to a non-transparent polyurethane film. To bring the fabric to live Stone Island often combines it with double dye formulas which results in a great depth of colour and a matte finish. 

Stone Island Mussola Gommata fabric

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