Two decades after Massimo Osti introduced a fabric called Nylon Steel to the world, Stone Island introduced a similar material: Nylon Metal.

Nylon Metal was first launched in the SS 2005 collection of Stone Island. This was during Paul Harvey's tenure at the Italian brand. It would quickly become one of the brand's most classic materials, like Raso Gommato.

trilobal nylon

Nylon Metal is created using trilobal nylon. Instead of regular nylon (which is flat), this type of nylon is three sided. Each fibre in the fabric therefore has more surface area to reflect more light. The silver coloured weft and undyed warp are the basics of the metallic, iridescent appearance.

Nylon Metal takes its final colour from a double-dyeing process. Resulting in a material that shows different depths of colour, intensities and shades.

In 2017 Stone Island introduced an alteration to Nylon Metal: Nylon Metal Flock. The regular Nylon Metal is paired with an adhesive film and then flocked with micronized cotton.

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