"The Italian answer to the English fabrics for sportswear"

rubber wool by massimo osti for cp company

Arguably one of the most revolutionary fabrics of all time was born in 1987: Rubber Wool. It was, of course, an idea of the late genius Massimo Osti.

Inspired by the traditional English sports clothing made of wool, Massimo Osti wanted to develop a fabric that was more suited for urban sportswear. He teamed up with an Italian company called ITS Artea to bring his new idea to life. Osti had already been working with this leading company in the fabric development market for many years. Together they had given birth to the iconic Stone Island fabrics Tela Stella (1982) and Raso Gommato (1983). ITS Artea was also responsible for the production of nearly all C.P. Company fabrics during that time. 

After various attempts, ITS Artea succeeds in developing a porous natural rubber coating of wool. The particular combination of rubber and wool gives the material new qualities of technical performance (wind and waterproof function) while maintaining the natural qualities of wool (breathability).

rubber wool by massimo osti

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Sources: The Massimo Osti Archive, cpcompany.co.uk
Images courtesy of the Massimo Osti Archive and SPACCIO.
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