Massimo Osti Production

Massimo Osti Production

Massimo Osti Production

After Massimo Osti and Sportswear Company parted ways, Osti launches a new company called Production in 1994. It’s the product of two decades of experience and research in the fashion industry. With Production Massimo Osti returns to the role of producer. He’s able to control the full production cycle of his new work. The main line would carry his own name for the first time: Massimo Osti Production. It included collections for both men and women.

As always form and functionality, attention to details and advanced material research are at the core of his new brands. What does change are the silhouettes and colours. Sober colours like grey and black dominate the collections. Also most of the items in the Massimo Osti Production collections lack visual branding.

"A summary of what my life's work has been."
- Massimo Osti on Production (1995)

Store in Japan

Production is a huge success and after two years, in May 1997 Osti opens a Massimo Osti Production store in Osaka, Japan. The store was designed by Aldo Rossi, one of Italy’s most renowned architects. The opening of the store was accompanied by a party in honour of Massimo Osti, where historical pieces from his previous work were displayed.

Next to Japan the Production collections were sold in Russia, Australia and of course Europe.

The Internet

Massimo Osti Production was one of the first clothing brands to use the internet in its marketing campaigns. On people could view all the products in the current collections, read about the company, find retailers all over the world and contact the company through a contact form.

Production website by Massimo Osti

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