Labelled by designer Paul Harvey as the best collections he ever did at Stone Island. Serie 100 was born in 2001 as an experimental project on womenswear. It was Stone Island’s debut in the world of women’s fashion and their introduction of meshes. Another industrial material that would be added to the already extensive archive of Stone Island’s unusual garment materials.

Harvey once said in an interview that he didn’t like trademarks, because they usually cover flaws. This could explain his strong love for the Serie 100 collections. After six years at the brand with the iconic compass badge, he could finally design a collection of garments without external branding (not even on the buttons). The pieces in the Serie 100 collections are great examples of an important rule Harvey introduced when he was at the creative helm of Stone Island: every piece should live and be interesting without the badge.

Between 2001 and 2004 Stone Island produced six seasons of Serie 100. The garments ranged from skirts and blouses to jackets, many of them seamless. The transparent gauze of the meshes revealed the construction of the garment, the body of the wearer or both. 

View all Stone Island Serie 100 pieces we have had for sale here.

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